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Enchanted Entertainment is so inspired by the recent fairy initiative across North America, gifting surprise packages to participating homes as random acts of kindness and positivity. We would love to join the effort as part of our #shareyourmagic initiative to spread joy and happiness to families in the KW region by having this sassy fairy herself deliver gifts to unsuspecting families. 

To share in the PIXIE POSITIVITY: 

1. Follow @enchantedentertainmentkw on Instagram or Facebook and like our Pixie Positivity post

2. Donate a family-friendly gift at 217 River Rd E in Kitchener. 

3. We invite you to attach your address or that of a deserving local family and the magic will continue. 

Our sassy pixie will sprinkle a little extra pixie dust on lucky local doorsteps as she personally delivers the surprise packages in an effort to promote kindness and community.


As the impact of COVID-19 has been greatly felt in elderly care facilities, Enchanted Entertainment has also set up a GoFundMe page if you would prefer to share your kindness through a donation towards surprise gifts for residents. We will drop off packages to those who have limited family or resources in the area and share some much-needed happiness.

Let’s work together to spot Tinkerbell all over town!  If you see her, snap a secret photo and tag us. We can’t wait to share our magic all over KW!

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