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Mal's Rotten to the Core Bash

"The strength of evil is good as none, when stands before four hearts as one!" - Mal


Step into a world of magic and adventure with a Descendants-themed birthday party featuring the bold and charismatic Mal from the Isle of the Lost!

Create an unforgettable celebration for your child and their friends by bringing Mal to life for a visit filled with laughter, mischief, and cherished memories. 

Your guests will be thrilled by a variety of Descendants-inspired games and activities, including a captivating storytelling session led by Mal herself. Children will be entranced as they hear tales of Mal's adventures, her friends from Auradon, and her journey to embracing her own identity. These interactive experiences are sure to entertain all who attend.

Keep the energy high with a dance party featuring Mal's favourite songs from Descendants! Guests will have a blast dancing along to the vibrant tunes and showing off their best moves. Mal will apply festival glitter or quick-dry nail polish to complete the look and add a touch of Descendants glam to everyone.

As part of the package, your guests will enjoy a fan-favourite craft experience. Children can create their own enchanted spell books or design keepsake accessories inspired by Mal's magical world.

Our Mal visits are always in high demand, so we encourage you to send your booking request as soon as possible to secure your desired date and time.

Let us help you make your child’s birthday party a magical and memorable experience they'll treasure forever!

Descendants: mal's Rotten to the Core Bash
  • Duration: 60-70 minutes

  • Ages: 5-10

  • Price: Starting at $290

  • Guest limit: 12 guests per character

  • Note: Crafts are structured for 12 guests; each additional child will incur an extra charge of $15

Arrival and Greeting

Mal greets the Birthday Child and guests, welcoming them as the future class at Auradon Prep! Let's get this party started!

Sing-Along Song

Join Mal for a sing-along of her favorite Descendants song with her new friends.

Dance Party!

Mal will teach a pop dance routine featuring her favorite Descendants-inspired moves and starring your guests! Our talented cast members can adjust the difficulty of the choreography based on the age of the participants. Prize included! (Up to 12 guests).

Fancy Faces

Each guest will have festival glitter applied by Mal for a magical touch! (Quick-dry sparkle nail polish is also available).

Let's Get Crafty!

Guests can get creative customizing friendship bracelets with their favorite song titles, names, and secret messages.


Get your cameras ready to capture special memories with Mal and friends for moments that last a lifetime.

Welcome to Auradon Prep!

Mal will present the Birthday Child with a sparkly headband and a personalized, autographed certificate, officially welcoming them as best friends! All guests will receive autographed colouring sheets.


Before saying farewell, Mal will lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday to the guest of honour, making the day even more special.

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