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Have a question? We'll try to help...

At Enchanted Entertainment we know how busy parents are... and we want to make your party planning easy!  Please do not hesitate to ask questions or for advice.  ​We are always happy to help and want to make your experience as magical as possible!


How do I book a party?
Please email us at!
Due to our busy schedule and the number of booking requests we receive, we are always able to respond faster to emails and require information regarding date, location, character choice, etc. in order to properly quote and assist you.

We recommend that you call/email us first to ensure your ideal party date is available. Parties are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the popularity of our parties and our performers, it is recommended to book your party 4-12 weeks in advance, giving you a better opportunity to book your desired character(s) at the date and time of your choice. 


A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is reqired to secure your booking.  Deposits are applied to your total and the balance is due the day of your party.  


Please be advised if you fail to make your deposit within 24 hours of your booking request,  we must re-open your spot.  Due to our popularity and ongoing demand, we are unable to reserve spots for longer than 24 hours.

How far do you travel?

For in-person parties and events, we serve the Waterloo Region and beyond! We are always open to bringing our magic to other areas.  There is a travel surcharge to accommodate additional driving time, gas, and mileage to areas 15 km from our point of origin starting at $20 and up. PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT TRAVEL FEES TO YOUR SPECIFIC AREA.

Do you entertain at venues other than private residences?

Yes, we most certainly do!  If you can dream it, we'd like to make it a reality.  We have been invited to weddings, corporate events, restaurants, festivals, malls,  etc.  Our requirement is that our characters are situated in a dry, clean area.  Some venues have restrictions and guidelines regarding outside entertainment, so please be sure to check with your desired venue before booking with us.

how can I ensure my event goes smoothly?

​Our characters bring a case of exciting activities to ensure a successful party... but there are a few ways you can help make sure the day is a hit!  


  • The maximum number of participating guests per character is 12. This policy ensures all guests receive special attention and that we have packed sufficient supplies. The party flow and structure may be impacted if we are unaware of additional attendees.  Additional guests may be invited at the cost of $10-$15 per guest, depending on the party package; however,  we highly recommend and may require booking additional characters if you are planning a larger party.


  • Our character(s) will phone to confirm their arrival.  Please have a spot available in the driveway for easy parking and entrance/exit of the venue as they have large items and costumes.


  • Please ensure the character(s) have a place to sit with room for the guests to sit in a circle on the floor and get up to play games.

  • Our performers are in always demand, so their schedules must be maintained without delay.  If you have guests arriving late, they are welcome to join the party once they arrive.

  • Please ensure there is water available for the character(s) to drink.

  •  Please arrange for party food to be served prior to or following the visit. We kindly ask that children refrain from eating or drinking while our performer(s) are  present to help limit the number of messy hands near our costumes. Also, please assist us in keeping cast members with food allergies safe from unexpected interactions. 

outdoor parties/events

​Outdoor Parties/Events are subject to weather conditions and at the sole discretion of Enchanted Entertainment at the time of booking. We prioritize the comfort of our performers and recommend hosting the character portion of your party indoors. A $50 fee per character will be applied to your booking to accommodate the additional maintenance required for costumes and wigs should you choose to host outdoors. All outdoor events must have coverage in a shaded area where the characters are not in direct sunlight (preferably on a deck or similar) and a carpet or blankets on the ground if hosting in a grassy area. 


Our incredible performers always do their best to embody the essence of these multi-faceted, iconic characters and sometimes that involves bravely singing for a group of eager children! This is a perfect job for young students, actors, dancers, and elementary school teachers. Vocal ability may vary based on personal strengths and experience. Please be mindful face characters at theme parks do not sing unless they are cast in main stage productions. We prioritize our creating the most convincing interactions by casting sweet, kind, charasmatic people who excel at working with children first.

do cast members accept gratuities?

Yes, our wonderful characters are absolutely permitted to accept gratuities....and they are always very appreciated! If you feel your cast member did an exceptional job, a gratuity is a great way to let them know.  We also love receiving cards and feedback. In an effort to maintain the magic, we request that cash gratuities please be provided to the character discreetly in a sealed envelope.

What should the children wear for a dress-up party?

For our dress-up parties, we recommend wearing fitted clothing such as tights, thin t-shirts, or dance attire so our costumes can easily be slipped over top.  We supply dresses in a variety of sizes, 2 pirate costumes, superhero capes and masks, and more! 


Are discounts offered if you book more than one character?

Yes. Our rate for 60-minute packages is $130 for each additional character and $140-$150  for specialty party packages. We require booking additional characters if you are planning a party with more than 12 children to ensure the character is prepared with the appropriate number of supplies... or if you simply want to increase the magic!

Are you able to accommodate special requests?

​Absolutely! Parties are even more magical when we are able to create a unique experience.  Our performers come with a specialized party for the requested character... but we love to get inventive!  Please share your thoughts with us when booking.


​Out of consideration for our incredible artists, all social media posts and live feeds must credit Enchanted Entertainment. Please follow and tag @enchantedentertainmentkw on Instagram or Facebook so we can share in your special moments.

Social Media / Video / Photography:

Yes!  Our characters are a great way to incorporate a little extra fun and magic into your event... and keep little ones entertained!  Whether it is a corporate event or a clever marketing initiative, we can help! Our wonderful performers command a lot of attention and make your event execution a breeze.  We love to get creative and come up with specific ideas to best suit your unique situation.

Do you perform at corporate events?
Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate cancellations. Cancellations will only be considered at the sole discretion of Enchanted Entertainment in extraordinary circumstances. Cancellations at the client's discretion within 30 days of the event date result in the required payment in full. If you must reschedule your party, please be advised your deposit will not apply. We will do our best to accommodate changes; however, due to the popularity of our characters, we are often fully booked weeks in advance. 

In the event of dangerous driving conditions, illness, and personal emergencies beyond our control where a suitable replacement is not available, we reserve the right to cancel parties/events. The cancellation must be initiated by Enchanted Entertainment administration and any payments will be refunded. Please be assured we go to great lengths to ensure your booking proceeds as planned as we are aware a great deal of planning and effort goes into these special days. 

Character and cast Availability

Please be advised that a great deal of effort and care goes into finding, securing, and training our wonderful characters. This 'job' is unpredictable and based solely on demand. We always do our best to balance our client's wishes with the personal schedules and goals of our busy cast and work hard to provide the best fits possible on any given day. It is truly a labour of love for these young performers to provide this joy to local families and they take enormous pride in their preparation. We politely remind our incredible clients that arts engagement was extremely limited throughout the pandemic and, as a result, there is a need to encourage and provide opportunities for these young local artists to grow and rebuild so we can continue creating magical experiences for years to come.  

training and assessment

​As part of our training and/or ongoing support for our performers, we require all new cast members to view parties as part of their preparation. Our management also loves to sneak in and occasionally watch parties in an effort to support our evolution. This helps us guide our performers with tips and tricks to help navigate different age groups, venues, and situations, making the experience as believable and magical as possible. Viewers will always stay completely tucked away and, if asked, we like to say they drove the characters from the airport.

cast member safety

​We prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our cast above all else. Verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse will not be tolerated and Enchanted Entertainment cast members are instructed to leave immediately should they experience any mistreatment. Refunds will not be provided. 

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