Have a question?  We'll try to help...

At Enchanted Entertainment we know how busy parents can be... and we want to make your party planning as easy as possible!  Please do not hesitate to ask questions or for advice.  ​We are always happy to help and want to make your party as magical as possible!



How do I book a party?

Give us a call at  226-647-WISH (9474) or email us at enchantedkw@gmail.com!

We recommend that you call/email us first to ensure your ideal party date is available. Parties are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the popularity of our parties and our performers, it is recommended to book your party 4-8 weeks in advance, giving you a better chance of getting your desired character at the date and time you prefer.


There is a $50.00 (1 hour parties) or $75.00 (1.5 hour parties) non-refundable deposit per character to reserve your party. This guarantees your party in our calendar when you book. For our tea and craft parties, there is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. Any additional characters added to your party will result in an additional $50.00/$75.00 non-refundable deposit. All deposits are applied to your final total and the remaining balance is due one week prior to your party.  


If you book a party with us, yet fail to make your deposit with in 24 hours of speaking with us, we re-open your spot.  We are unable to hold spots for longer then 24 hours.


How far do you travel?


Currently, we are servicing the Waterloo Region.  We are always open to bringing our magic to other areas.  There may be a minimual surcharge to accomodate additional driving time and mileage. Generally, our driving fee to other areas is $25 and up.  




Do you entertain at venues other than private residences?


Yes, we most certainly do!  If you can dream it, we'd like to make it a reality.  We have been invited to weddings, corporate events, restaurants, etc.  Our only requirement is that our princess is in a dry, clean area where she has space to sit down.  Some venues have restrictions and guidelines regarding outside entertainment, so please be sure to check with your desired venue before booking with us.


How can I ensure the day goes smoothly?

Our characters bring a case of exciting activites to ensure a successful party... but there are a few ways you can help make sure the day is a hit!  


* The maximum number of guests is 12.  This is to ensure that all guests receives special attention from our character and that the party moves along efficiently.  Additional guests may be invited at the cost of $5 per guest... but we highly recommend booking a second character if you are planning a larger party to ensure everyone has a special moment.


* Our character will phone to confirm their arrival.  Please have a spot in the driveway available for them to park so they can easily enter and exit the venue as they have large items and costumes.


* Please ensure the character has a place to sit with room for the guests to sit in a circle on the floor and get up to play games. A small table or couch is particularly helpful when dealing with makeup.


 * Our performers are in always demand, so their schedules must maintained without delay.  If you have guests arriving late, they are welcome to join the party once they arrive.


* Please ensure there is water available for the character to drink.  Arrange for party food either before or after the character’s visit. We kindly ask that the children refrain from eating or drinking while our performer is entertaining.


SUMMER PARTIES - While we love the summer months, we request that you host the character portion of your party indoors.  Our characters wear elaborate costumes that are often very warm and we greatly value the comfort of our performer. 


Lastly... DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!  This is a day where dreams become reality for your child and guests!



Do the characters accept gratuities?
Yes, our characters are allowed to accept grautities....and they are always very appreciated.  If you feel your cast member did an exceptional job on your child's special day, a gratuity is a great way to let them know.  We also love receiving cards and feedback.  Our only request is that cash please be given to the character very discreetly in a sealed envelope so we can keep the magic alive for our smaller guests.


What should the children wear for a dress up party?

For our dress up parties, we recommend wearing fitted clothing such as tights, thin t-shirt, or dance attire so our beautiful dresses can easily be slipped over top.  We supply 12 dresses in a variety of sizes. 


Are discounts offered if you book more than one character?

Yes.  Our hourly party rate is $100 for an additional character.  We highly recommend booking additional characters if you are planning a party with more than 12 children... or if you simply want to increase the magic!


Are you able to accommodate special requests?

Absolutely!  Birthdays are even better when they are shared and we aim to create a unique experience.  Our performer comes with a specialized party for the requested character... but we love to get inventive!  Share your thoughts with us when booking.


Feedback and photographs

We absolutely LOVE hearing about your party and seeing our performers in action.  Please feel free to send us your favourite photos to info@enchantedentertainment.ca so we can post them to our website and facebook pages.  We greatly value your family and guests privacy, so please be assured we will not post any names or personal info. 


Do you perform at corporate events?



Yes!  Our characters are a great way to incorporate fun and magic into your event... and keep little ones entertained!  Whether it is a company event or clever marketing initiative, we can help.  Our wonderful performers command a lot of attention and make your event a breeze.  We love to get creative and come up with specific ideas to suit your situation.

© 2015 ***It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. The characters that we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. The characters that we have are of our own creation. Any resemblance to nationally known copyrighted characters is strictly incidental and unintentional. We will only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we do not represent any licensed birthday party character, nor represent them by their licensed name.***